Month: May 2015

Our Simple And Easy Guide To Choosing A Toothbrush

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Which brush is right for you and your family members? Here at our NW8 Abbey Road dentist we get a lot of enquiries and questions about toothbrushes. And quite rightly so, after all you simply cannot underestimate how important excellent

Getting Your Teeth Whitened – The Facts

Some insights into teeth whitening These days, it seems like every celebrity has the perfect smile. From A listers to Z listers, that perfect Hollywood beam seems to be within everyone’s reach, including all of us non-famous folk. So it’s

Do You Know What’s Living In Your Mouthpiece?

When your instrument fights back! If you’re a musician who loves to play an instrument with a mouthpiece, you will no doubt take great pride in keeping the instrument clean and well maintained. Why do Abbey Road Dental care about

A Simple Toothpaste Guide

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Are “fancy” toothpastes worth your money? Here at our Abbey Road Dentist we get lots of questions about toothpaste. Are the whitening toothpastes any good? Which toothpaste is best for the kids? Are any types of toothpaste harmful to my