Year: 2015

Losing Baby Teeth – What To Do

Dentist Dr Diana Spencer

Early years dental advice Here at your Abbey Road dentist, we know how excited children can get when they get their very first loose tooth. Usually this is because they have been told about the magical tooth fairy who might

Common Tooth Brushing Mistakes And How To Avoid Them

oral care

Don’t skimp on this important personal hygiene routine! Here at your local friendly Abbey Road dentist, we are a very modern practice with all of the latest dental equipment and techniques you would expect to find. However, at our heart

What Is Geographic Tongue?

What is this common dental condition? Here at our family friendly dentist in NW8, we provide all the modern treatments you should expect from a popular surgery. We deal with many complex dental issues and have the equipment and expertise

Treat Yourself This Christmas!

confident white teeth smile

Latest cosmetic dentistry at Abbey Road Dental Here at Abbey Road Dental we are well known for being the family friendly dentist, offering all the modern general dentistry services you would expect. We thought you might also like to know

Caring For Your Teeth Over Christmas

Don’t let festive cheer spoil your teeth and gums! Christmas is nearly upon us and regardless of whether or not you’re excited about it, there’s no doubt you will be indulging in plenty of slap up food with the rest

Juicing And Dental Health

Pros and cons of fruit and vegetable juice. With the temperature dropping quickly, and Christmas approaching at speed, you could be forgiven for thinking juicing really isn’t something anyone is doing at the moment. However, in December many people have

Dental Care Before, During And After Pregnancy

Advice for pregnant mums and those with young children. When we are trying for a baby, and eventually become pregnant, most of us are extra careful with lots of different parts of our health care – alcohol consumption, smoking, what

Oral Health Care & Dementia

Caring for those in need. At our friendly and welcoming Abbey Road dentist we invest a lot of time and effort into not only providing modern, efficient and professional dental healthcare, but also ensuring we keep up to date with

How Important Is Flossing?

Flossing teeth for oral health

More about this dental hygiene technique…. Growing up we are told all about brushing our teeth and how important that is in terms of our oral health. However, flossing isn’t something generally presented as ‘important’ as brushing the teeth, in

Our Dental Needs Change As We Age – Here’s How

How visits to your local dentist may change as you get older…. Here at Abbey Road Dental in NW8, we pride ourselves on being the family-friendly dentist, providing excellent  care for members of the family, no matter what their age.