Vaping & Your Oral Health

What is this alternative to smoking?

Whatever your opinion is of it, vaping has certainly taken the world by storm. There are vaping shops on every corner, and it is more common to see somebody vaping than smoking.

Here at Abbey Road Dental, we aren’t here to tell you if vaping is healthy or not, or if we think it is a good idea.

However, we always want to provide current advice and as so many people are vaping now, we wanted to give you some information about vaping and your oral health.

How It Works

Vaping works whereby a heating element inside a pipe or ‘e-cigarette’ heats up ‘e-liquid’ to create vapour which the person using the pipe inhales.

Vaping & Your Teeth

We do not know if vaping is safe, but we do know that it doesn’t cause the same effects as traditional cigarettes on the mouth. No bad breath, calcification of plaque and bad staining of the teeth. There are also fewer chemicals causing nasty changes in the mouth which can lead to head and neck cancer. The effects of vaping though, are still largely unknown and it will take a long time for medical studies to determine its effects on the body. Our general advice therefore is precautionary i.e. avoid it if you can.

In the meantime, what we do know for sure is that nicotine ingestion could still be a cause of oral health issues. Although there are zero nicotine e-liquids available, a lot of people use the liquids with nicotine in to try and use their vape as an alternative to smoking.

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Revenge Face!

The Latest Way To Show Your Ex Partner What They’re Missing?

‘Revenge face’ is a term being banded around the media as a description for seeking aesthetic enhancements like Botox to create a much younger look in order to seek revenge on an ex partner. Effectively saying ‘look what you’re missing’!

Companies and individuals offering Botox and fillers have seen an influx of enquiries about cosmetic enhancement following increasing numbers of bad breakups or divorce. This includes men as well, because of course, men go through breakups too!

Individuals may look to have wrinkles and deep grooves filled with fillers, as well as cheekbones enhanced. They may also seek out treatments like ‘lunchtime rhinoplasty’ as well, where fillers are used to reduce nose bumps (on the bridge of the nose) temporarily. Whereas previously a person may have their hair dyed or buy a new outfit as a pick-me-up following a rough separation, today there is opportunity for complete rejuvenation and ultimate facial transformation.

Smiling About Your Future

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Is The Cold Weather Making Your Teeth Hurt?

Tooth sensitivity? Call Abbey Road Dental for advice.

Many people experience sensitive teeth and often the pain can be so bad that it causes us to feel really miserable whenever it happens.

Some people are so badly affected by sensitive teeth that it affects what they do and what they eat and drink regularly.

The good news is that most cases of sensitive teeth are either treatable or they can be managed so you don’t have to suffer with the pain and uncomfortable feeling long term.

Why Are Teeth More Painful In Winter?

There are lots of reasons why teeth are more painful in winter. Temperature, going from cold to hot (moving from outside air to warm centrally heated inside air) can affect your teeth by making the tooth and the surrounding tissues expand and contract. This in itself can be uncomfortable, but when it happens repeatedly, it can cause hairline cracks which expose the nerves of the tooth.

Another issue could be the sinusitis or winter allergies which may make you think you have toothache, but it is actually due to localised aches in the areas around your mouth.

It may also be that the root of the tooth is exposed near the gum line. If this is the case then the tooth is far more sensitive to hot and cold temperatures.

What You Can Do To Help With Sensitive Teeth

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It’s cold and flu season!

oral care

Oral health tips to help get you through courtesy of your St John’s Wood dentist.

As everyone starts to enjoy the festivities the colder weather brings, a few unlucky people will fall victim to the dreaded flu and colds that do their rounds at this time of year.

Lots of coughing and sniffling, aches and pains, and generally feeling under the weather – it really isn’t any fun at all is it?

Luckily these things usually pass very quickly so you’ll be back to feeling great soon enough, but in the meantime, it is important to stay on top of your oral health. You may not think about your oral health when you’re unwell, but having a cold or flu can actually affect your mouth so it is important to follow these tips to ensure your illness doesn’t have any lasting damage:

Stay On Top Of Your Oral Health Routine

Being ill can really take it out of you, but there are basic things you need to stay on top of, like your oral health routine. Just brushing twice a day for at least two minutes will help ensure bacteria and plaque is brushed away and your teeth stay in good condition.

Keep Drinking Lots Of Fluid

You must make a special effort to stay hydrated when you are unwell. Your body will be losing fluid through sweat if you have a fever, and you’ll need extra fluid to help your body work well to fight the infection. Your oral health may be affected by dehydration because it can cause dry mouth which restricts the important saliva required to wash away and neutralise nasty bacteria and food deposits that cause cavities. Drink herbal tea, water and soup to top up your hydration levels.

Ditch The Old Toothbrush

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Winter Sun Holiday?

7 Simple Tips To Help You Look Your Best

Although the summer has well and truly left us here in the UK, some of you may still have trips planned to Europe and beyond to grab yourself a bit of winter sunshine. There is never a bad reason to grab a bit of extra Vitamin D!

With that in mind, here at Abbey Road Dental we wanted to help you look and feel your best on your winter sun holiday so that you’ve enough holiday happiness left inside to take you all the way through winter and into next year. Here are 7 easy tips to help you look your best on your winter sun holiday:

1. Consider Taking Vitamin C Now

A lot of people believe taking Vitamin C when you have a cold helps it to clear, but by then it is already with you and needs to run its course. Taking Vitamin C regularly is thought to help boost your immune system so you can avoid getting poorly before or on holiday.

2. Drink Plenty Of Water

Water makes your entire body work better, and helps keep your skin looking and feeling great. Drink several glasses a day to boost hydration, particularly if you are heading to warmer climes.

3. Exfoliate

Exfoliating more in winter is necessary because the cold air outside and dry central heating air inside cause you to shed skin quickly. Use an exfoliating mitt to brush off dead skin cells so your skin looks smooth and beautiful on your trip.

4. Care For Your Teeth

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9 Ways To Keep Your Smile Bright This Halloween!

Don’t let the festivities compromise your family’s oral heath.

Here at Abbey Road Dental we love Halloween because of the dressing up, the spooky events and of course all the parties.

There’s so much fun to be had during this ghoulish season, but just because there are so many spooky things goings on doesn’t mean your smile has to be scary to fit in! Here are 9 ways to keep your smile bright this Halloween:

1. Avoid Toffee

Toffees and caramels are popular Halloween sweets which are delicious but particularly bad for your teeth because they stick to them and bathe them in sugar until you brush. There’s always the chance of losing a filling too. Be cautious and chew in moderation!

2. Avoid Cider

Seasonal cider is particularly acidic and sugary. Stick to drinks like light beer or gin and tonics to be as friendly to your teeth as possible.

3. Eat Treats During Mealtimes

To try and minimise the time your teeth are exposed to sweets and chocolates, try and stick to consuming them at mealtimes or during a period particularly set aside for treats.

4. Remember To Brush!

No matter how many parties you’re going to, always remember to brush your teeth twice a day for two minutes so food and drink debris is cleaned away.

5. Graze Healthy Food On The Buffet

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Boost Your Smile Ready For Party Season!

10 tips from the team at Abbey Road Dental

It will soon be party season and there are lots of events and meetings to look forward to; but what is the first thing that people notice about you when you first meet?

Research suggests that your smile is your winning feature, so there’s every reason to give it just as much attention as you would any other aspect of your ‘party season look’. Don’t know where to start?

Here are 10 top tips to help you have a stunning smile this party season:

1. Exfoliate Your Lips

Your lips can and should be exfoliated just like everywhere else on your body. To make your lips smooth and beautiful, use an old toothbrush and gently brush in a circular motion to get rid of old skin deposits.

2. Experiment With Brighter Colours

Bright lipstick looks great at a party and can really make your smile and overall look stand out from the crowd. Not every colour suits every person though, so experiment with purples, reds, oranges and pinks to see which colours suit you best.

3. Keep Floss In Your Bag

Keep a floss container in your bag so that post-buffet you can freshen your teeth up and get rid of any food debris that could be ruining your smile. You can even get minty flavoured floss these days to help give your breath a boost too.

4. Keep Up With Dental Appointments

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Your Dental Check-Ups Are Important!

Why it makes sense to keep up your visits to Abbey Road Dental.

The importance of regular dental checkups is something we cannot emphasise enough.

Here at Abbey Road Dental we recognise that most people have extremely busy schedules, but key health considerations like oral health should always come first.

Taking care of your teeth is so important and helps avoid expenses and inconveniences like dentures, invasive dental treatment and painful conditions. By attending your checkups regularly you can certainly help to keep your smile protected. Here are 5 reasons why keeping up with checkups is important:

1. Preventing Gum Disease

Gum disease is caused by a buildup of plaque which eventually irritates the gums which can become inflamed and potentially bleed, even from simple brushing. Visiting your dentist means early gum disease can be prevented by following our special advice and regular ‘scale and polish‘ treatments. Where gum disease has already begun, early treatment can be provided to help reverse it.

2. Keeping On Top Of Issues In The Body Unrelated To The Mouth

There is evidence in various studies that certain conditions like heart disease can be linked to certain oral health conditions. The link hasn’t been clarified, but we do know a link is likely there, making oral health even more important. Issues in the body can also show themselves through signs and symptoms in the mouth only your dentist knows how to look for.

3. Maintaining A Beautiful Smile

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Party Season, Alcohol and Your Teeth

Risk factors associated with popular drinks.

Party season is just around the corner and hopefully you’ll have a lot to smile about! The office Christmas party, Halloween, Bonfire night, and then all the nights out in between.

But amongst all of the fun, it pays to keep your oral health in mind. To help keep your smile looking beautiful through Autumn and Winter, you need to do all the usual oral health upkeep including:

  • Brushing your teeth for two minutes twice a day
  • Avoiding staining habits like drinking lots of coffee and smoking
  • Visiting Abbey Road Dental every six months or on a more regular basis for hygienist services
  • Moderating the amount of sugary food and drinks you consume
  • Visiting our St John’s Wood dentist if you feel you have any issues that need looking into before your next checkup

As well as this regular maintenance, you also need to keep an eye on something a little less obvious when it comes to your oral health this party season, and that is the kind of drinks you are consuming. Some drinks are much worse than others for your smile, and the more you know, the better able you are to care for your oral health and keep your beautiful teeth looking beautiful going into 2018.

With this in mind, here are the most and least risky alcoholic drinks for your teeth:

Most risky:

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Plan For A More Beautiful Smile In 2018….

white teeth smile

With Abbey Road Dental!

Although it is still way too early for people to be mentioning ‘the C word’ there’s no escaping the fact that it is less than 100 days away, and swiftly afterwards a new year begins.

Although you might be thinking that there are parties, presents and endless other things to think about before you get into next year, now is the time to start thinking about certain things so that you have a plan in place when 2018 finally comes around.

With general planning such as this, it often helps to make a list of what you want to achieve by the end of next year, and then think about what you need to start doing in January to achieve that. It may be that you would love to have a new smile for 2018, in which case you need to start planning now.

Perhaps you have always hated your smile because it was never perfect? Perhaps you have stained teeth from smoking, or you have a ‘gummy’ smile that you’re insecure about? Maybe through ill health, neglect or individual circumstances you barely have a smile at all and would love to feel confident enough not to cover your mouth when talking?

If this is you, then you may wish to start think about your new smile now for the following reasons:

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